✋ Please Stop Doing This…It’s Hurting Your Business and Wasting Your Time!

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Qualified buyers on Facebook DON’T CARE how many likes or followers your business page has….Sucks but it’s TRUE…🤷‍♂️

They only care WIFM – What’s in It For Me.

💭 If you want to attract qualified buyers to your business you need to be offering solutions to the problems that your ideal clients are facing.

Fix something

Automate something

✅ Make something faster

Make something better

Posting your business over and over in ‘business support posts’ seeking likes and follows will not bring value to your business or your ideal client’s lives.

Literally, all you’re doing is creating a lead list for marketers to spam your company because they now have a list of small businesses that are obviously looking for clients, sales, etc…And they now know you’re active on FB regularly.

Increasing your likes and follows will not increase your reach because once you put out content that doesn’t provide value to anybody, and it gets skipped by the masses…You’ll have a terrible reach again. 

You might have a reach increase for a few hours…If AT ALL.

🙏 If you get ANY VALUE from this post I hope it’s this… 

Please focus your efforts on providing your ideal client the goods or services to solve their problems.


– If there is ONE THING YOU SHOULD COLLECT, IT’S…  acquire tons of positive reviews from many different types of clients, ones that your prospective buyers can relate to…


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