3 Website Myths You Need to Know Right Now

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More than one-third of all businesses do not have a website. That’s a fact; that’s not a common myth. It is becoming increasingly more apparent that without a website, companies will not be able to compete with inferior businesses whose owners have more marketing savvy.

And, it’s not merely marketing savvy, but an understanding of digital marketing. Your company needs to be where your clients are. Guess what? They are social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, and they are on Google, especially Google Maps.

When’s the last time you picked up a phonebook to look up a company’s number or address? Exactly. it’s been more than a decade.

Yes, you need a website. But, it takes more than that. Your site needs a responsive design and provides a great user experience.

1. If I Build It, They Will Come.

Your website is not “Field of Dreams.” If you build it, they will not come because they will not know how to find you. And, Google needs to know what you are all about. To achieve this requires what is called “search engine optimization,” or SEO.

SEO is all about getting Google to love your website, particularly its content. Nearly 70% of all online experiences begin with somebody using a search engine, whether it is on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

More than half of all traffic to websites comes from what is called organic search. This is where someone enters a term into Google, Yahoo! or Bing to help them answer a question or find a solution to a problem.

When those pages come back, they will be returned in what is called a search engine ranking. The pages are ranked on many factors. The more relevant your content is, the higher it will rank.

There’s another component to SEO. It is Local SEO. This is for traditional, brick-and-mortar stores. You will need a Google My Business account and appear in Google Maps. This will get you noticed when people search for topics like “restaurants near me” or “attorneys near me.”

A website involves more than just building it. There are many technical aspects that need to be in line with SEO best practices, and one of the most important is page load speed. You need a fast site or your bounce rates will be high (this refers to how many people leave your site after visiting just a single page).

2. It’s Just a Contact Page, It’s not that Important.

Unfortunately, for many people, the Contact Page is just a sort of throw-away page. For these people, it functions in this manner: Oh, you want to get in touch with us, jump on this page and fill out a form.

There should be a lot of thought given to your contact page. People might click on a link to your Contact Page to get in touch with you, but you want to make sure it is designed in such a way as to accomplish at least three things:

  • Give potential customers a way of calling you with a link that will send mobile users to your phone;
  • Have a map of where your brick-and-mortar business is so people can click on directions to find you; and
  • Have a form on the page so people can email you immediately.

All of this falls under the umbrella of “lead generation,” which is critical if you are trying to generate more income. You need a steady stream of prospective clients/customers inquiring about what you have to offer.

Every time someone reaches out to you, it is an opportunity to enter into a business relationship. So, make sure your Contact Page is designed in such a way as to encourage people to contact you.

3. I Can Totally do it Myself (or Pay Next to Nothing to Get it Done).

There are several tools out there to help novices build websites themselves, and they are making it easier. However, is this the best use of your time? In real estate, zoning officials always want to ensure a parcel is used for the “highest and best use.” As a business owner, you need to know where your time is best spent. Let me suggest to you it’s not trying to figure out how to build a website.

When you build a website, there are so many components:

  • Domain name
  • Fast web hosting
  • A secure website
  • A backup service
  • A content management system
  • A well-designed URL structure
  • Content on your site that is created using keyword and competitor research
  • Professional-looking photos
  • Decent videos, and
  • Your site needs to be optimized for SEO

Perhaps you can do this. Maybe you know how to implement a CDN to make sure your pages load fast; maybe you understand caching and the role it plays when visitors come to your site; maybe you know how to implement Google Analytics to understand user behavior on your site; perhaps you understand how design web pages and make sure they have all the appropriate elements.

But, even if you do, are you more valuable to your business and the growth of your revenue by sitting in front of a computer or meeting with customers and clients?

Murphy’s Law states anything that can go wrong will and at the worst possible moment. A similar maxim says there is never enough time to do it right, but there is always time to do it over.

Don’t try to get a website on the cheap. It’s just not worth it because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. However, if your site is less than desirable, look into getting it redesigned or rebuilt.

There are some things you can save money on and then upgrade, but do yourself a favor and have the best site built you can afford.You want your site to look professional. If it doesn’t then your company will come across as amateurish. Good luck growing your business when people do not think you have a professional site.

These statements might seem harsh, but they’re the truth.

What Do You Do Now?

If you do not have a website now, then schedule a free consultation with Goliath Creations. We will help you understand the entire design process and what needs to be done to ensure your company has a professional-looking and professional-functioning site. Schedule that free consultation today to position your company for growth.

If you do have a website, we’d be more than happy to provide you with a free website video audit. Learn where your site measures up and what needs attention. Schedule a free website video audit today.

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