About Goliath

Goliath Media Creations was created to help our clients move ahead of the pack. We utilize technology and data to allow us to help your business generate more qualified inbound leads and close more sales to grow your online business.

Who We Are

A team of passionate professionals who are here to help you build your business and expand.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help your business grow utilizing technology and analytics with the help of our expert team.

What We Do

We work with you to determine goals and the best plan of action to maximize your return on investment.

Our History

The crew at Goliath are a passionate group of professionals that came together with the goal of helping connect your businesses with the digital world and taking the burden of building and managing a digital webspace platform off your back.


Founded (officially) as a company in 2019, we are here to stay and have many years of sales and marketing experience in both the digital and physical realm. We push the boundaries of conventional digital marketing and strive to stay on the forefront of marketing technology.


It’s plain and simple, the creativity and passion we have for helping people makes this an easy gig for us.


We LOVE what we do. And you’ll LOVE what we can do for you.


Garrett Fankhauser

CEO | Growth Hacker

“I’m an expert in helping entrepreneurs 10X their sales. If you are trying to achieve online business success, massively increase sales (no matter what you sell), and want more free time then I can definitely help you.”


Work History

Other Info

When you want to 10X your sales, we’re the ones who can help you with lead generation systems. We will help your online business succeed, massively increase sales (no matter what you sell), and give you more free time!

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