Discover the Top 3 Premium Plugins that can Shortcut Your Road to Making More Money in Sales Immediately! [Bonus Inside]

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  • Intro to premium plugins:

How do some websites completely crush the competition in sales and traffic?

You might think they’re just lucky, they know the right people, or they started with tons of cash to get them to the top. This is generally not the case…

The reality is, top companies understand that there are basic business tools that can be optimized and automated to increase sales significantly and drive more traffic to their website.

Your website operates on tools called ‘plugins’, which allow your website to do many different things and use different features. These plugins are the life-blood of how well your online business operates. Many plugins are FREE and we utilize those to the MAX with all of our clients. 

There are however some HUGE advantages to utilizing some premium plugins to simply get more and better results faster! 

We have compiled a list of the Top 3 Premium Plugins we recommend you take advantage of to Increase Your Sales and Traffic Immediately!

  • 1. Yith WooCommerce Wishlist Premium
  • What it is:

Yith WooCommerce Wishlist is an amazing automated wishlist tool that allows us to capture more website traffic and gives them a reason to come back to shop with you. Yith allows us to create a special wishlist page for your customers and allows them to build and manage their own personal product wishlists.

  • What it does:

Users will need to create an account on your website, and can then add both in-stock or out-of-stock items to their wishlist so that when the item comes back into stock or when they are ready, they will be notified to come back and buy it immediately! We set up an automated email during the installation process that emails them when their products are back in stock. You don’t have to raise a finger!

  • How it helps:

There are multiple benefits to creating a wishlist for customers. The primary benefit being that when something is out of stock, and your customers want it, they will be automatically notified to come and purchase it when you get more stock.

The second benefit is less obvious. To create and manage a personal wishlist the customers will need to create an account on your website. This is fantastic! We now have their information and we ask them to opt-into an email list where you OWN them as traffic. Feel free to add them to your weekly/monthly whatever sales newsletter, and have them buying from you again and again.

  • How much?:

Yith WooCommerce Wishlist does have a free version of the plugin available, but the automated emailing process is not available in the free version, and that is the most valuable benefit. So you’ll want to upgrade and get the one-time purchase of $99.99 out of the way so you can start making more money automatically!

  • 2. WooCommerce Spin Wheel
  • What it is:

WooCommerce Spin Wheel is a relatively new and exciting tool to increase lead generation and decrease abandoned carts on your website. It can be used in multiple ways, but generally works best as a pop-up. When customers add an item to their cart but decide not to buy right now we can trigger a pop-up that brings in a large pinwheel, similar to that on a tv game show. The pinwheel is labeled with multiple offers including percentage off coupons, free shipping, or whatever else we want to use. The beauty is that we design the pinwheel completely from the ground up and have full control of the offers.

  • What it does:

When a prospect spins the wheel and an offer is generated (10% off coupon for example), a coupon code is automatically generated for them and they are highly likely to complete the order they were about to pass upon. The prospect would then proceed through the checkout like normal, entering their coupon code in the proper section and completing the sale. Completely automate the process of converting more prospects to customers.

  • How it helps:

The design of the pinwheel really catches your audience’s eyes and they are almost helpless not to gamble for the chance at a discount! Even if they don’t win what they wanted, it’s a very fun and powerful way to add more value to your online store.

Another less obvious benefit is again, lead capture. We set up the pinwheel so that in order for the prospect to spin it, we need to capture their email! Then again we have traffic that we own and can market down the road.

  • How much?:

There is no free version of this plugin available. However, the plugin only costs $49 and is a one-time purchase to drastically improve checkout rates as well as increase lead captures automatically!

  • 3. Cart Flows Pro
    • What it is:

Cart Flows Pro is a plugin that allows you to build a sales funnel sequence out in your e-commerce store. What this means is that instead of a store that pulls prospects in a million different directions, your store will be the equivalent of having an in-store associate walk you through the whole sales process, offering upsells, downsells, and order bumps based on their individual needs and desires. Cart Flows helps to build out sales sequences that can SERIOUSLY drive sales numbers. The system of using sales funnels has proven time after time to provide better conversion rates and more return traffic than normal store models. This is a little more in depth of a plugin and requires additional design work to function properly. But I would say this is the plugin on this list that has the potential to make you millions.

  • What it does:

Cart Flows is a back-end builder system that connects multiple website pages into steps of the sales funnel. Each step requires the prospect to take specific action to make it to the next step, such as provide an email, or purchase a product. Cart Flows is a very powerful tool to streamline and build out amazing sales funnels to completely BLOW YOUR SALES Numbers UP!

  • How it helps:

Cart Flows helps us create systems that generate more sales. PERIOD. The proven systems are designed to walk your buyers through a process that improves their conversion rates as well as increasing average cart values and revenue by offering order bumps, upsells, and downsells.

Cart Flows can also be used as a lead generation assistant to drastically improve lead capture rates. Especially when combined with some of the other plugins mentioned in this post.

  • How much?:

Using Cart Flows can have a HUGE impact on your sales and lead capture rates. Although this huge value does come at a premium price, it can be a one-time purchase if you don’t need the updates and support (we always recommend the updates & support though). Cart Flows Pro runs $299. When it’s set up properly, it will pay for itself in a few weeks or months. Cart Flows does offer a free version of the plugin, but you’ll miss out on just about all of the key features that make the plugin so powerful such as the upsells, downsells, & order bumps.

  • 4. [Bonus Plugin] Yoast SEO Premium
  • What it is:

We wanted to throw a bonus plugin in here for you. Yoast SEO is one of those plugins that literally EVERY website should have and in fact, if you’re our client you have the free version already installed.

Yoast SEO is a marketing tool to help people find your business online (SEO = Search Engine Optimization). This plugin allows the use of many different types of strategies to increase the probability you’ll show up earlier in search engine results. The sooner your business shows up in results, the more traffic you’ll get on your page.

The biggest obstacle is knowing how to make it work and having the freedom to make it work properly. That’s where the premium version comes in with all the features you’ll ever need to show up sooner and get more business traffic.

  • What it does:

Utilizing a host of tools and recommendations, Yoast Premium will help you get the most out of your organic (not paid for) traffic. Yoast works by connecting with search engines and showing them what they need to see to bump you higher in results. Yoast is also beneficial in increasing social media traffic as well through various tools.

  • How it helps:

Yoast is the king at generating organic (not paid for) traffic to your website. Yoast will increase your traffic, sales, and leads by bringing more visitors to your site on a daily basis.

  • How much?:

All of this value can be had at only $89! To be able to drastically increase your website’s traffic without having to pay for ads is an amazing value. We would highly recommend utilizing this tool to increase your traffic, sales, and leads immediately.

  • Recap of plugins:

This list is far from being comprehensive of all the different plugins that can increase your companies bottom line while automating some of the boring and tedious processes we all face, however, we believe these plugins are crucial for the growth of your online business.

All of these plugins are considered to be one-time purchases, although if you pay for them annually you’ll get continuous updates with all the newest features and tech support from the authors, which we highly recommend.

Plugins are the most important tools you can have in your online business quiver. It’s well worth the investment in your future growth and prosperity to utilize some of these amazing tools to help you automate tasks, increase qualified leads, close more sales, and build up a recurring income on satisfied return customers.

Please contact us at [email protected] to automate your business and make more money with these premium plugins now!

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