5 Alarming Things You Should Know About Prescott Web Design Services

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Businesses, organizations, consultants, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs have a lot of options when looking for a website designer or developer. Before you agree to a proposal, make sure you understand these 5 alarming facts when looking for Prescott web design services:

  • Speed rules
  • Size matters
  • Appearance counts
  • Experience is everything
  • Content is king

Speed Rules

If Your Website Does Not Load Quickly, Say Goodbye to Customers

You can have the most beautiful website, but if all those bells and whistles cause your site to load slowly, you will lose a ton of leads and potential customers. A study by Kissmetrics showed 47% of people expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds [source]. Though it is an older study, the expectation remains the same.

People are busy, and they want to find information about the product or service they are researching. If you cannot provide it quickly, then they will go somewhere else. It is that simple. In that Kissmetrics study, 40% said they will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

According to Google, As page load time goes from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor leaving increases by 123%. Every second counts when it comes to page load speeds.

Also, if your page is extremely cluttered and takes forever to load, Google will penalize you in the search rankings. Your pages will never rank as high as they should.

High speeds are dangerous on the highway, but they are absolutely vital to your success on the information superhighway.

Size Matters

Your Website Needs to Display Properly No Matter the Screen Size or Device Type

When you have your website built or redesigned, you will want to make sure you have a responsive website. Sometimes, a web developer will refer to this kind of website as being “mobile-friendly.” This means your site will look good on any kind of device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or tablet.

A Pew Research study showed:

  • 85% of Americans own a smartphone
  • 75% own a desktop or laptop computer, and
  • 25% own a tablet.

That means if you want to effectively reach these customers on their different devices, then you need a website that is “responsive” to a wide range of screen sizes. If not, then you can forget doing business online because your customers will not tolerate an ill-performing site.

Regardless of how your visit views your website, on a smartphone, a tablet, laptop, or desktop, the design has to pop. They need to be able to read everything and be able to touch/click any buttons. There is nothing more frustrating than having to click a button to get the information you need, only to discover a pop-up is preventing you from doing so.

Websites will display very differently by device and also by browser type. You want to make sure your leads and customers can easily read and react to the information whether they are using a Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Opera browser.

So, yes, size matters. Make sure your website is responsive to the different devices and browsers.

Appearance Counts

They say looks can be deceiving, however, did you know the design quality of your website … how it looks … is linked to how visitors perceive your company?

Intellectually we understand appearance does not always equate to the quality and performance of things. But, you need to understand this: If you have a poorly designed website, visitors will think you are an amateur and will likely think poorly of your business.

Responsive web designs play a part in your appearance to keep and retain visitors and keep your bounce rate down.

When newspapers were a thing, a lot of time was spent on designing the appearance of the top half of the page, or in industry parlance: “Above the fold.” This was the portion people could see on newsstands or in a newspaper box on the street. You needed to design it in such a way as to compel the passerby to purchase a copy.

The same with your website. What appears “above the fold,” or within the top area displayed in a browser, has to hook visitors and entice them to read on or click to another page.

You might not be vain when it comes to how you look, but you better be when it comes to how your website looks — your sales depend on it.

Experience is Everything

Design Your Site with User Experience in Mind

Your website is an extension of your business and of you. If you want to attract people and keep them coming back, then you need to have a quality website that makes it easy for your site visitors to find what they want.

If your website takes too long, visitors will bounce off your site quickly. If it takes too many clicks to find what they want, they will just jump back out on Google and search for a site that is a little more accommodating and easier to navigate.

If you plan on using your website as an online tool to generate sales, then you will need a web development company that understands the unique needs and challenges of an e-commerce site. You are basically creating a second website to handle the digital transactions for the products and services you offer.

But, and this is very important, the two sites must be integrated fully and operate as a single site. And, you need a responsive design that not only caters to desktop users but mobile users, too.

Before you invest good money in a new or redesigned site, make sure you don’t lose sight of who the site is for … and whoever is handling your web design services in Prescott needs to understand this, too.

Content is King

Your Web Pages Need to be Properly Written to Attract the Right Leads

We’ve not talked too much about the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Google. Everyone who publishes a website wants to attract visitors. You attract visitors by several factors, but one very important factor is Google. Specifically, you want to appear high in the search rankings.

Google focuses on indexing content. The better your content performs with answering people’s questions or solving their problems, the higher your pages will appear in what we call the SERPs (search engine results pages).

This is part of search engine optimization, usually referred to as SEO. There are three broad SEO topics: Technical SEO, Local SEO, and Content-Based SEO. Here, the focus is on content.

In order for your pages to rank as high as possible in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! searches, you need compelling content that signals to search engine bots and to potential customers what the intent of each page is.

The bots crawl and index each page, so the better they understand your site, the better you will rank. Also, your human visitors need to clearly understand what each page is about and offer relevant information that can help solve a problem or answer a question.

Content marketing — the creation of custom content on your site about your company and its offerings — generates three times more leads than traditional marketing [source]. Most companies outsource this task, and it costs about 62% less than traditional marketing.

The more content you have on your site’s blog, the better odds you have of ranking in Google because you are giving yourself more opportunities. However, blog content has to be written in a specific way, focusing on the right words to attract the right people.

If You are Looking for Prescott Web Design Services, Discover the Goliath Creations Difference

At Goliath Creations, we work with companies every day on website development and design, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and PPC advertising. This is what we do. Our company is growing for a reason.

As a business owner ask yourself: Did you start your company so you can deal with marketing, SEO, and advertising? Probably not, however, if you want to improve your odds of being successful, you need these services.

Let’s schedule a free consultation to see if Goliath Creations is the perfect fit to serve as your marketing partner. In addition to the no-obligation strategy session, you will receive a free audit of how your existing site performs and how it can be improved.

We will walk you through our design process that can improve your online presence, create custom content, and boost your conversion rate. This is all part of the suite of web design services we offer to Prescott-area businesses and beyond.

Schedule your free, no-obligation, no-strings-attached session to position your business for success, and don’t miss out on your free audit report. We offer Prescott web design services … and so much more.

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