The Number One Mistake New Business Owners are Making, and How You can Avoid Making it…

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You’re not alone. The system is rigged against you to fail. You’re encouraged to jump 10 steps forward towards instant gratification of big money and overnight success. The fact is you will NOT succeed without building a solid foundation beneath your business. Integrated business systems.

So you’re starting a new company, right?

You picked your product and did some quick market research in your area.

There are a few other competitors around town, but they stay pretty busy.

You’re sure you can squeeze in there and skim some customers out of their bucket right off the get go.

You’ll use those easy customers to quickly build up a name for yourself and you’ll be killing it in no time!

After applying for your LLC & doing a little set up, you’re ready to go.

You build out a Facebook business page and let all of your friends know.

You’re able to scoop up 2 or 3 customers immediately through your extended network.

You’re 3 months in and doing great!!

Then it happens….

You’ve exhausted your thin social network and need to start taking business from outside your bubble.

This can seem like a huge task, am I right?

“How do I do that? I have no clue how to advertise” you think.

Well, you reason…”I’ll hop on Facebook and start throwing posts around. The sales will just roll in. Everybody wants my product!”

After a couple weeks of spewing out mediocre, non-targeted calls to action…The well is dry!

What do you do next!?!

That’s when you get hit with the BIG NEWS….

You need to pay for advertising they say!

They being the ‘internet experts’ that throw subjective opinions around in all the Facebook business groups.

“It’s so easy! Just build a quick ad and the money rolls in all day, every day.”

You ask for a little help and set up your campaign.

They’ll help, but not for free.

You’re ready to be flooded with business and rolling in the dough.

So you spend some money with them to help you set up your campaign.

They must know what they’re doing right?

They said this stuff works…

2-3 days go by. 3-4 weeks go by.

All you see is money being spent…

People are LOOKING at your ads…

Maybe even clicking over to your website.

But no calls, no form submissions, no REAL business.

What’s the problem?

It’s so easy they said?


Paid advertising is a SCAM!

It just doesn’t work for me you think.

It’s just not right for my business model.

Maybe it only works for BIG BUSINESSES.

I know this feeling first hand. 

It happened to US!

The system is against us.

They are liars…

That’s when it hit me.

The big realization.


New companies jump 10 steps ahead into paid advertising without developing their system.

They try to plop a 12-bedroom mansion onto a pile of sand.

The house immediately crumbles and topples over.

There is absolutely no foundation built.

No proof of concept.

No data support.

No optimization, split tests, funnel systems, follow up sequences…

Their advertising fails and they lose money.

They are now risk aware of paid advertising and believe it doesn’t work.

Integrated marketing solutions work synergistically to create an immersive environment where all of the fundamentals and numbers are first laid as a base layer.

The foundation has been laid. 

Value propositions, value ladders, ideal customer avatars, etc are all set up.

Before we jump into paid advertising head first to make the big $, we need to build up the back-end business systems to be able to support conversions, traffic, and nurture leads and closed customers.

By going back to the fundamentals and fixing the base systems, we are poised to succeed when we get back to the point of throwing money at paid advertising.

All we’re doing with paid advertising is paying to send traffic to a page that has been PROVEN to WORK.

Key concept there is the PROVEN to WORK portion.

We need proof of concept at the organic (not paid for) level first.

We need data to make optimizations.

We need proof of conversions.

We need to make sure the houses foundation is sturdy enough to drop that huge house on top.

Once that foundation is laid and is solid, we start paying for people to show up.

Small dollars…and we watch!

We review all data with a fine-toothed comb.

It’s like the old computer game where you put the pieces of the pipe together to get the liquid to flow from one side of the screen to the other before the time limit.

We’re watching the flow of traffic from point A to point Z.

We can identify roadblocks or interruptions in the flow immediately.

That’s the powerful stuff right there.

Without dumping too much money into the system yet, we’re able to optimize and fix things.

Once we’re 100% certain the system is dialed-in, we start raising our ad spend.

Sending more and more traffic into the system.

That’s when it gets magical.

The money starts rolling in.

You’re busier than you ever imagined you could be.

New problems start to arise.

I need to hire people to help me handle all this business!

This is the good problem to have.

Don’t let this part scare you away.

You’ll cross that bridge when you get to it.

By that point anyways you’ll start to really integrate into your business and your data-driven business decisions will flow like water.

You’re well on your way to SUCCESS and your DREAM LIFE.

It all starts with a phone call to us.

You need to build up your systems.

That’s what we specialize in.

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