The Top 5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Website FRESH

  • Stick around to see how keeping your website fresh can attract new visitors to your website, increase your return traffic, and increase your overall sales & conversions.

Have you ever been to a yard sale?

You drive by, see a bunch of cool stuff sitting on somebody’s lawn, and based on what you see and can judge from the house, neighborhood, etc. you decide whether to hop out and take a look around.

Yard sales can be the best place to find those hidden gems for CHEAP!!…. They can also just be a fun time waste to look at junk.

Now think about if we take that same concept, (items sitting on tables and blankets on the floor) but we place the scene in a dingy, dark back-alley.

Changes the whole dynamic a little bit doesn’t it?

You quickly find yourself thinking…

Am I safe here? 

Are these things stolen? 

Am I going to be scammed?

This same scenario plays out online when people view your website…

Am I safe here? 

Are these things stolen? 

Am I going to be scammed?

The image, feeling, and security presence your website gives off can make or break your online business.

Having a website for your business is quickly becoming a necessity as we move into 2020 and beyond. Keeping your website up to date with current trends, styling, security features, psychology, and sales strategies is a CRUCIAL component of ongoing success.

With that being said, your website should follow a few simple rules to make people feel secure in either providing their information, buying from you, or just returning occasionally to consume the valuable content you provide.

Below is a quick intro to the Top 5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Website Fresh


  • Business Image

As mentioned above, the overall image that your website conveys is a huge precursor to how people view your business in general. 

Similar of a first impression on a blind date. Does your website look clean and presentable? Does it instill credibility, social proof, and reinforce security?

By updating your website’s image and keeping current on modern trends, you’ll be able to capitalize on the power of Image to stay in front of your customers and build a level of trust & credibility. 


  • Broken

A crucial component to the customers user experience when using your site is the proper operation of the website itself.

Websites are built using many critical software components (in our case, WordPress Plugins) that are designed to work together to accomplish a common goal. These layers of software need to be constantly updated and protected from security threats to maintain proper operation and prevent a broken website.

There is nothing worse than when you’re looking for information or need to purchase something and the website DOESN’T WORK!

Keeping your website operationally sound by utilizing modern frameworks, updating plugins regularly, and optimizing conversion-based goals and design should be a huge priority for your online presence.


  • Improvements

Above we touched briefly on keeping your website fresh through design & structure optimizations.

Many businesses simply pay a one time fee to have a website built for their business and expect it to continuously perform for years.

This is the equivalent of the nightly news reporting the EXACT SAME NEWS every night…We can see how that just simply doesn’t work. 

Website optimization consists of a multitude of variables that control how well your business functions online. Website optimization is arguably the most important component of keeping your website fresh.

If you were planning to enter in a bike race, wouldn’t you want to focus on getting faster each time you rode to increase your chances of winning the race?


  • Pivoting

Businesses need to grow and change to stay relevant, even in the physical world. Pivoting refers to the concept of adding, removing, or completely changing the products or services you offer in order to stay competitive and relevant in an ever-changing market.

Look at the hotel industry for example in competing with companies like Airbnb. The old model of hotels offering a musty old room for the night with almost no amenities and no personalization is dead. The hotel industry had to plan and implement pivots in their models quickly or soon be out of business.

By keeping your website up to date, you can quickly and efficiently implement changes, updates, and complete pivots in ability. Your customers will appreciate your expediency.


  • Attention Spans

Next time you turn on your tv, pay attention to the number of scene cuts in movies, commercials, or the shows you watch. You might be surprised to realize how often the scenes change if you’ve never thought to pay attention. I can bet most scenes are less than 3 seconds long unless you’re watching an older movie or a Tarantino flick.

Our collective attention spans have effectively been shortened due to the effects of instant gratification granted by modern technology.

Make sure your website can keep your customer’s attention long enough to build up KLT (know, like, trust). This concept actually takes all the others into account in that when you update the other aspects, attention spans are taken into account in modern design.

Keep Your Website Fresh-er!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of business websites out there.

What separates the successful ones and the ones that crash and burn? Going back to the same news every night analogy, business owners should strive to provide valuable content on a consistent basis to their customers and should ultimately be changing and optimizing their website on a constant basis.

Our minimum recommendation is changing content every few months and a full website refresh once a year or so. Ideally integrating social feeds, blogs, video feeds, or something else that keeps the site changing on an almost daily basis.

When you’re tracking changes properly, you’ll be able to see what changes increased website performance the most, then through optimization, create a VERY POWERFUL selling machine.

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