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You know your customers inside and out. We know design and marketing inside and out. With Goliath Creations, you’re part of the team. Goliath Creations offers a premier, clean and proven web design process for every niche of business.

What is it?

Web design describes the process of brainstorming, planning, strategizing and developing a website. When we are looking at websites designed for businesses, they are usually designed to accomplish certain specific objectives. These objectives will be covered in the objectives/goals section below. The overall base goal of a business website is to turn visitors to the site (traffic) into potential clients and customers.

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For a website to effectively accomplish its primary objectives, it must be designed with the intent of driving visitors through a funnel process using a smooth flow. What this means is that the website is designed in such a way that the theme, wording, and calls to action provide the right information at the right time to guide your visitors through the process of learning about who your business is, what you do, how you do it, why they should buy from you, etc. A good design will make the journey easy for you visitors, allowing them to “flow” from one step to the next.


Website responsiveness refers to the ability of the text content, formatting, images, buttons, etc. to respond to different aspect ratios of phones, tablets, and computers your visitors might be using. The idea is that no matter what device you are viewing the website on, your vistor’s online experience will be clear, concise, and consistent.
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Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a little complicated. Dynamic content refers to a multitude of different design tools that can be used to bring movement, colors, and other unique content to the user during their online experience. Generally a more expensive option, dynamic content can create new and exciting experiences that normal 2D pages can’t.

Conversion Driven

Business websites are generally designed for conversions. A conversion can be a number of different things. Depending on your business and your objectives, these conversions can be email or lead capture, sales of physical or digital goods or services, setting meetings or appointments, the list goes on. A website’s design and flow should be built and focused around accomplishing the business’s conversion goals above all else.
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Tying back into conversions, the objectives and goals for the website are very influential in its overall design. Websites can have many types of objectives depending on your business’s needs. Some businesses use a website like a business card to show off. Others use their websites to generate inbound leads for their own business or for others. The overwhelming majority of businesses use their website to market their company and its goods/services in order to make sales.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Every business should develop and optimize their Unique Selling Proposition (USP). When designing a website, this aspect of the business can be highlighted to create a clear and trust building message on why visitors should buy from your business above all others.
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CTA (Call-to-Action)

One of the most important aspects of website design is the Call To Action (CTA). This includes the messaging, styling and more of the areas on the page that prompt the visitors to take some type of action (ex: buy something, give contact info, visit a store, etc.) There is quite a bit of sales psychology that goes into the development of a website, and the bulk of it is applied to the call to action. The better the call to action, the more conversions for your business.


Website security is a huge priority in web design. From the padlock image by your URL address that lets visitors know it’s safe to provide their information, to the website itself being able to fend off constant threats of hacking from all over the world. Absolute security is a must-have and will increase trust and conversions for your business.
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Your visitors must trust you in order to convert. Having the right contact information displayed in the right locations helps to increase trust, and makes it easy for visitors to ask questions or voice concerns. This can really help your business shine in communication and customer service.

Social Proof

Taking a second look at trust, and its vital role in conversions we come to social proof. Social proof refers to utilizing different tools to increase brand awareness and trust through previous customer reviews, ratings, comments, testimonials etc. This portion of the website is arguably one of the most important, as social proof equates to digital word-of-mouth advertising, and can drastically improve your conversion rates when done properly.
Goliath Creations | Custom Web Design & Marketing Services
Goliath Creations | Custom Web Design & Marketing Services


No website is complete without the integration of unique and beautiful imagery and video content. Breaking up the monotony of large text blocks with imagery allows those of us with short attention spans to skim through pages to find relevant information as well as see products or services in action to increase trust and conversions.

Advantages/ Disadvantages

Professional web design offers many advantages including most of the concepts we’ve covered above. Overall the designs are developed from the ground up utilizing advanced strategies that take into account each business’s unique content, objectives, branding, etc. You’ll be able to get enough information out there to build brand recognition, so that your visitors will come to like and trust your brand. After that comes the best part; THE CONVERSIONS!

The flexibility and breadth of a full website build allows for unlimited customization. This leads there to be very few disadvantages which can easily be mitigated by choosing a qualified agency to build your website. The primary disadvantages of having a website are maintenance and security.

We take website security very seriously and take all precautionary measures to keep your website, customers, and information safe. No worries!

General website maintenance is fairly easy and we can show you how to handle the small stuff. For anything larger than small updates, or if you don’t want the hassle, we offer ‘Care Plans’ to conveniently cover any and all website maintenance. You stay focused on your business and customers, we stay focused on keeping your business online and converting. Contact Goliath Creations to turn your vision into reality today.

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